Gigi Hadid is going to break up with Zayn Malik

HOLLYWOOD: This year 2017 is the year of break-ups for Hollwood and it seems there is another break-up ahead.

According to our sources Gigi Hadid recently opened up on a gossips website where she revealed some issues rising between her and Zayn Malik. According to her they are going through the rough stage in their relationship.

Gigi Hadid further told that she wants to end her relationship soon because she is nable to stand his dependent behaviour. According to her Zayn is dependent on her and now she is tired and she is going to end this by the summer.

On the other side Zayn Malik told that they are in normal relationship. He further said, “I’m with her because I like her,” he explained. “And I hope she’s with me because she likes me.”

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