Babar Azam and Imad Wasim got kidnapped, social accounts hacked

Lahore: Babar Azam and Imad Wasim’s social media accounts got hacked. Unknown hacker has hacked the social media accounts of two Pakistani cricketers Babar Azam and Imad Wasim.

Both of the palyers have proclaimed that their Facebook and Instagram accounts has been hacked. Iman Wasim told that his Instagram account has been recovered but Facebook is in till that condition.

Imad Wasim tweets today,

“Guys my facebook and insta account has been hacked , whenever i gets it back i will tweet, till than its not with me ….#hacked”

After this tweet, he again tweet that,

“Insta is back but Facebook is still hacked”

Babar Azam also told on Twitter that,

“My verified Facebook page and Instagram account have been hacked. I am retrieving them In sha Allah. Will keep you updated.”

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